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BlueMUSE Science Workshop – 2020

The first BlueMUSE Science Workshop happened virtually on Nov 9th Nov 10th 2020, with 196 registered participants!

Below are PDFs of the scientific presentations.
Video/Audio recordings are available for some of the talks, by request to

Speaker / instituteTitle
J.Richard (CRAL)
Workshop organisation
R.Bacon (CRAL)Introduction, BlueMUSE context
J.Richard (CRAL)BlueMUSE project overview
A. Jeanneau (CRAL)BlueMUSE Optical Design
C. Opitom (Univ of Edinburgh / ESO)Observing Comets with BlueMUSE
V. Ivanov (ESO)Haze in Exoplanet Atmospheres with BlueMUSE
F. Martins (LUPM)Constraining the Evolution of Massive Stars with BlueMUSE
S. Kamann (Liverpool)Unraveling the mysteries of massive star clusters with BlueMUSE
N. Castro (AIP)Dissecting the most massive stars with MUSE
and the future leap forward with BlueMUSE
M. García (CSIC-INTA)Un-Targeted searches and characterization
of massive stars in Local Group galaxies with BlueMUSE
J. Walsh (ESO)Planetary Nebulae with MUSE and BlueMUSE
A. McLeod (Durham)Feedback from massive stars in nearby galaxies: BlueMUSE vs existing IFUs
M. Hayes (Stockholm)Starbursting Galaxies: Extragalactic Science
enabled by BlueMUSE at low redshifts
K. Kreckel (Heidelberg)Dissecting Star formation in Nearby Galaxy
A. Adamo (Stockholm)Multiscale stellar feedback in the era of large
optical IFUs: where we stand and what we will achieve with BlueMUSE
G. VenturiDissecting outflows and feedback in nearby AGN: from MUSE to BlueMUSE
A. Moretti (INAF/Padova)Gas stripping in galaxies: lessons from MUSE and perspectives for BlueMUSE
Á. López-Sánchez
(AAO / Macquarie)
The HI KOALA IFS dwarf galaxy survey (HI-KIDS)
as an example of science case for BlueMUSE
D. Krajnović (AIP)Mapping compact groups
Junais (LAM)A spectroscopic study of the giant low surface brightness galaxy Malin I
P. Weilbacher (AIP)Blue wavelengths in red MUSE: Successes and Failures
R. Smith (Durham)Less obvious applications of MUSE and BlueMUSE
J.P. Kneib (EPFL)Prospects for BlueMUSE in massive lensing clusters
E. Daddi (CEA)High redshift clusters prospects for BlueMUSE
M. Maseda (Leiden)Tying Lyman-alpha to rest-optical emission with BlueMUSE
C. Péroux
Unlocking the astrophysics of the Circum-
Galactic Medium with BlueMUSE
J. Zabl (CRAL)Gas flows around galaxies: Mapping the CGM in absorption and in emission with BlueMUSE
T. Urrutia (AIP)Studying the warm CGM in emission with BlueMUSE
P. Mitchell (Leiden)A simulations perspective on BlueMUSE and the high redshift CGM
A. Verhamme (Geneva)The link between Lyman-alpha and Lyman continuum emission
F. Leclercq (Geneva)Extended gaseous haloes of star-forming galaxies seen with MUSE and foreseen with BlueMUSE
J.Sanchez-Almeida (IAC)Metallicity of the CGM and IGM, and detection of PopIII stars.
DISCUSSIONInstrument Capabilities I
DISCUSSIONInstrument Capabilities II
Short Highlight Talks I[Merged PDF presentation]
Short Highlight Talks II[Merged PDF presentation]

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