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Science Team Meeting 2024

Below are PDFs of the scientific presentations.
Video/Audio recordings are available for some of the talks, by request to

Speaker / instituteTitle
J.Richard (CRAL) BlueMUSE in a Nutshell
Ángel López-Sánchez
(AAO / Macquarie)
ISM and the HII regions in extreme starburst
Jesse van de Sande (Univ. of NSW)Cold Stellar Disks Seen Edge-on: Lessons learned from the VLT/MUSE GECKOS Large Program
Arjan Bik (Stockholm Univ.)Probing the spatially resolved ISM in Lyman continuum leaking galaxies with MUSE
Augusto Lassen (Stockholm Univ.)Spatially resolved analysis of stellar feedback and ionised gas properties in ESO400-43 
Davor Krajnović (AIP)Cores and cusps with BlueMUSE
Roland Bacon (CRAL)MUSE GTO Experience
Norberto Castro (AIP)Systematic mapping of the most massive stars with BlueMUSE
Martin Roth (AIP)The Planetary Nebula Luminosity Functions explored with BlueMUSE
Bjarki Björgvinsson (Durham University)Resolved stellar populations with KCWI
Cyrielle Opitom (Univ. of Edinburgh)Observing Comets with BlueMUSE
Susanna Vergani (GEPI)Multi messenger science and synergies with BlueMUSE
Martin Wendt (AIP)BlueMUSE Simulator (BlueSi)
Matthew Hayes (Stockholm Univ.)BlueMUSE Data Analysis Software (DAS)
Anne Verhamme (Univ. of Genève)On the escape of ionising photons from galaxies: the contribution of nebular Lyman-continuum emission
Tanya Urrutia (AIP)The BlueMUSE Deep Fields: science with deep redshift catalogs and lessons learned from MUSE
Emanuele Daddi (AIM / CEA)Distant groups and clusters
Adélaïde Claeyssens (Stockholm Univ.)Observations of gravitational lensing clusters with BlueMUSE